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RocketTheme is a content management system which is based in the US. It is a premium theme club which offers Joomla and WordPress themes among others. No doubt it seems that the company has gained its basics from Joomla! development, but there are loads of WordPress templates which are available to be downloaded with oodles of themes which are scheduled to be released out later this year. This is an incredible theme but for a price. The fees can be paid sometimes quarterly, half-yearly and annually for club membership with lifetime template license. Though these are not the cheapest options available around but yes they come with numerous high-quality themes which would definitely help you display your innovations and creativity by designing your blogs that need lots of visual content.

Why Rockettheme

Rocket template stresses on offering high-quality results with visually stimulating effects and proves to be great for most of the applications but would be a bit more for some purposes. Out of all the brands, I have looked at this template is one of its kinds. Lets see the advantages of the incredible product.

Gantry Framework

We have already discussed in one of our previous topic about the criteria for selecting the best WordPress theme for blog or website that it must be a theme framework. The Rockettheme fulfills it as this uses open source Gantry framework for its template. The Gantry uses the best as it improves the dashboard user experience and also helps in selecting theme options. Most of the offered templates come with oodles of styles which can be chosen to make quick adjustments in accordance with different applications. Gantry framework can be used to make some additional modifications.

Professional & Unique Design

Unlike other templates, it offers a unique yet professional design thereby making your website look astonishing.

Sharp Colors

It offers a hue of eye pleasing sharp colors. The smooth blend of colors would make your website standout.


Now you must be wondering whether it will work on mobile phones, laptops, personal computers effortlessly or not. Yes, it will as it is made compatible with all the above. This responsive template would do wonders to your website and offer you a very smooth working experience.

Particle & Atom Based

Well, to understand what exactly is particle and atom with respect to themes you need to know widgets first. Are you aware of widgets? Widgets offer at a glance view of applications functionality and important data. When we talk about particle nature it is similar to widgets but not same. Widgets can only be added in sidebar or footer bar but particle does not have such restrictions. Particles are free to be used at any place in the website be its main body, footer bar, sidebar or at any other place in the page.

Let us dig in a bit with an example of a logo. We add the logo in our theme. And generally, logos are allowed to be set in the header area of the website. Rocket theme provides a particle for a logo and a user can easily set a logo image on the particle. And once the image is set this particle can be freely moved to a desired place on the website. This means that you can place the header anywhere you like and can think of with your innovative mind. The other example of the particle is placing Adsense code or advertisement on your site. Gantry framework provides custom HTML particle. In this, you can place the code directly into the particle and move it in the header section or just above the page or post or in the sidebar or in the footer.

Some very common particles available are as follows:

  • Logo or image
  • Price tale
  • Owl Carousel or image slider
  • Custom HTML
  • Sample Content
  • Grid Content
  • Counter
  • Contact form with reCaptcha
  • Newsletter
  • WordPress post
  • Spacer: It adds Blank space between the block

Particles are the visible content of the website whereas atoms are invisible to visitors. They are used to add JavaScript or CSS code on WordPress website. The Most common atom is Google analytics atom. An admin user has to put Google analytics ID on atom on the atom to view the live visitors or visitor history directly on a Google analytics account. There are many plugins available to add Google analytics ID on site or you have to add by editing the theme file. Both of them are tiresome tasks for non-coders. Rocket theme atom does this job perfectly without indulging with the code.

Drag & Drop customization

Well, drag and drop customization actually mean designing your website by just dragging the object on the page without wasting any time. As rocket theme is particle based so particles are used to display images, menus, forms, tables, newsletters, posts, sliders etc. The user just needs to place these particles on the website page by simply dragging and dropping. This makes it easier to create an awesome layout within few minutes time.


I think this is the biggest advantage of Rocket Template. Inheritance property allows a user to adopt the properties like design, attribute or layout of a page in the other part or page of the website. Say for an example we have designed a footer section for the blog we can use the same footer everywhere or we can keep it different for various pages. So inheritance makes the customization process simple and easy.

Low price as compared to competitors

They offer a low price of about $34 which is almost half of any reputed WordPress premium template which makes it stand out in the competitive market.

Access to all plugins for free

It offers free access to all plugins. One of the plugins is SPRocket which is a multipurpose i.e. can be used as a gallery, slider, list, table, grid etc. For nontech personal, it will be very easy to design a beautiful website using SP Rocket plugin.

Ajax search is also a good plugin. Ajax search actually means when we type something in Google search box most predictable results appear instantly. This plugin performs the same task on your website.



Well, by now you must have made your mind to make RocketTheme the next WordPress template for your website. I myself use this and my experience so far is incredibly awesome. I would suggest all my peers, friends and colleagues go for it.

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