4 Most secure WordPress host you should using for your eCommerce store

WordPress is most widely used content management system. It is powering around 28% websites worldwide. As it is most popular software for making sites and blog, WordPress websites are the obvious target of hackers. In many reviews, I too found that WordPress is more vulnerable CMS as compared to Joomla or Drupal.

Hence, if you are running an e-commerce shop or premium site that contains sensitive information about users, you should not take security casually. There are many points that cause vulnerability and webhosting platform is one of them. You should be with top webhosting service provider, which has strong team & tools to deal with security issues if any arises.

As per research 41% of WordPress websites hacked due to the vulnerability in the hosting environment. One shouldn’t expect best security service with shared hosting as you have to rely on 3rd party plugins. Although shared WordPress hosting is cheap but most vulnerable due to shared resources, restricted support, and non-availability of user-friendly tools.

When you are hosting an e-commerce website where payment transactions handled online, user information may be compromised on shared servers or resources.

If shared hosting is not secure, is it compulsory to get VPS or dedicated server? No, you do not need to get a dedicated server for your small e-commerce shop. Most of the web host provides managed WordPress services which are the best option for secure web hosting. It comes with some better security features that let you secure your data from any attacks.

WordPress dedicated hosting is now extensively used by web owners, bloggers due to web page speed & maximum security.  Managed WordPress is far ahead in terms of security than shared web host. However, you should not take managed hosting blindly just by comparing price and without checking the security features. Many small web host takes the reseller servers from big hosting companies and resells them to end user at cheaper rates. Usually, these small hosts do not have a dedicated team and premium tools to make WordPress site secure. When any security issue countered, these small resellers do not have access to the main hardware and time delay in this type of situation can cause a big harm to the compromised system.

Most secure WordPress Hosting

Today I am going to provide the list of most secure WordPress hosting service providers. All these hosts are managed best in terms of security, uptime, page performance & support. The three web host reviewed below are premium web host and cost you a bit higher compared to other managed WordPress hosting plans but it comes with excellent security protection & solid features to protect your website. We will see each one by one here.


Liquidweb Managed WordPress Hosting is one of my favorites because they only offer hosting service to high traffic sites.  They have a team of 600 professionals who are handling the support and servers round the clock. Their package starts from $69 per month for one website. There is no cap on page views or visitors.

Most secure WordPress Host Liquidweb for online eCommerce store

You do not have to worry about the server security as there is no middleman between the customers and LiquidWeb servers. All servers are owned and maintained by LiquiWeb staff only. All managed WordPress sites are daily backed up on a different server (Offsite). So if something happens to the live site server the backup won’t get affected. Apart from this, users will get premium facilities like automated Core & plugin updates, GIT access, 24X7 chat-phone-email support, SSL certificate.

Key Security features

  • Offsite backup
  • Secure server proprietary system
  • DDoS Attack protection
  • Fully LiquidWeb owned servers
  • Automated Core & plugin updates
  • Power/Network/Server/Datacenter redundancy

In the worst-case scenario, the LiquidWeb takes the guarantee to change the server within half an hour of time. They also have disaster recovery data center to provide standby arrangements for all sites hosted in a data center. Their security facility is high quality with a team of experts ready to solve your issue anytime. Liquidweb does not provide cheap webhosting, which helps them focus on premium services without compromising on resources.


The second choice is WPEngine which is known for premium WordPress hosting. Here the cost is little higher but a user will get premium CDN included with each plan except personal package. Their team is specialized for WordPress, so you will always have top-notch support from the WordPress experts only. One more thing I want to mention that if the WordPress site got hacked or came under attack of malware. The WPEngine team takes the whole responsibility to remove the malware without charging any fees. the manual malware removal feature is not provided by most of the premium WordPress hosts or they charge extra for the task but with WPEngine you will get it clean without any cost.

Most secure WordPress Host WPEngine for online eCommerce store

The only limitation is you won’t get the all features in the basic package but still sufficient to launch a website. The basic plan starts at $29 per month with visitors limit of 25K. If one needs telephonic support, premium CDN & imported SSL, he/she has to choose next higher tariff which costs $100 per month.  Like LiquidWeb they also keep the 30days backup offsite for security reasons which can be restored with a single click.

Key Factors

  • Disk write protection
  • Disallowed plugins
  • Offsite Backup
  • Free manual malware cleaning
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Firewall protection

In one line I can say that WPEngine is a combo of Security & page performance of WordPress hosting.


It is the most appropriate competitor of WPEngine. FlyWheel basic plan starts from $15 per month which can accommodate 5000 visitors in a month. If your site got infected by malware and automated tools can’t clean the same then FlyWheel team takes guarantee to remove malware manually without increasing the monthly charges. Here at FlyWheel security managed at server level & the recommend not to install any security plugin.

Most secure WordPress Hosting for online business


  • Third party security plugin not required
  • Free manual malware removal
  • IP Blocking
  • Security scanning for every site hosted on Flywheel
  • Limited Login Attempts

Apart from these services, FlyWheel customer will get support for page performance means Flywheel support team help you to optimize site speed. A WordPress user does not need to install third-party caching plugin for page performance.


Kinsta is among fastest growing Managed WordPress service provider whose servers are powered by Google cloud. So no worry about downtime. As on date, it has 15 data center locations, and a user would definitely get the nearest server to from visitors. Kinsta provides the wide range of packages as compared to the main competitors listed here. So one would get the most suitable for his/her needs. One thing I want to mention here that every Kinsta user will get premium KeyCDN (for free) irrespective of the subscribed plan which is rare in the market.

Most secure wordpress host Kinsta

A user can monitor traffic, uptime from MyKinsta dashboard. The customers will get following security features from Kinsta hosting

  • DDoS Protection
  • Free as well as imported SSL support
  • Automatic malware scanning
  • Hardware Firewalls
  • Daily backup of Live as well as of staged site (saved projects)
  • Change in backup frequency as per customer needs
  • Hack Guarantee


The above-mentioned all three hosting providers offer outstanding security, support & uptime and they got expertise in the field. One can go for either WPEngine or FlyWheel for the low traffic sites. LiquidWeb & Kinsta is best for the high traffic websites. You can compare the cost and features of this all host and select secure web host as per your traffic needs.

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