5 Best managed WordPress hosting providers to try in 2018 and beyond

It’s clear that managed WordPress hosting gives many benefits compared to normal hosting setup including the easy setup process and enough resources. As you have decided to go with your first or next blog on WordPress managed hosting service, there are some points you need to take care of while selecting the hosting provider. In this post, I covered some very important points to consider while selecting hosting company (focused on Managed WordPress service but same can apply in any web hosting).

Number of Visitors:

First and most important point for web hosting, what’s the traffic need of your blog/website per month? You can assume considering your current daily traffic and growth by month. New blogs generally don’t get much traffic where medium size blog get a good amount of traffic, for this you can select low bandwidth hosting plans that cost you less without extra unnecessary resources.  If your site/blog is old and or getting a big amount of traffic then only purchase bigger plan with more bandwidth (or page views per month limit).  Many hosting providers limit the monthly visitors in each plan, and after exceeding the limit you need to pay extra for more bandwidth or they force you to upgrade the plan. This way you will get downtime and will cost you more, to analyze the traffic needs and select plan accordingly.

Storage Type: SSD or Cloud

SSD storage and Cloud are two different ways to serve the hosting service. In SSD shared hosting, a single server with big capacity given to more than one clients and this will cost less compared to dedicated or VPS or cloud hosting. In cloud hosting, the big machine or machine network (known as a cloud)’s small portion is given to the client for use on rent. Cloud hosting always performs better compared to any shared hosting plan. SSD is the type of storage hardware drive type that gives better speed compared to old Raid drives. This will improve the server response time and give better performance.

If you are just started your blog/site and not receiving much traffic, you can go for SSD hosting storage plans, they are easily able to handle normal traffic and will cost you less compared to cloud infrastructure. Cloud provides premium service and the price will be high as per the service. Kinsta provides all plans on Cloud host at a very good rate so you can prefer them if you want business or enterprise level hosting.

Server location:

Server location generally affects the site speed that will affect your SEO efforts. Let me explain. If your site is hosted on India based hosting server and your site visitors are mostly from the USA. For Indian users site will perform well but when USA visitor load your site, it will take more time to load the data as the server not located in the same region. Your site will load slowly in other countries.

So before jump-in to any plan, make sure the hosting company has servers located in your targeted region and giving the option to select the hosting location. Generally, all hosting company provides three to four locations to select that covers most needs. Another option for this problem is the CDN. If you don’t want to stick with hosting company, you can implement CDN but again this will cost you a high. Some web hosting providers provide CDN free in each plan which is better for speed optimization or you need to select another host who has data centers in the targeted country.

Premium CDN:

CDN will save your site’s static data for some time and request coming from a far distance, it will serve the cached version of the site for better performance. This way, users will get a high-speed loaded site from different regions. Some company provides CDN free from basic plans like Nestify. They have 115+ CDN network and you will get benefits on each hosting plans. Others provide at higher subscription and some charge separately. So make sure if your site needed this type of performance boost or not and select a hosting company.

Customer support:

Almost all the hosting firms claim 24*7 tech supports for any hosting related issue but fail in service. Sometimes the staff is not enough knowledge to identify and solve the issue. Before purchasing any plan, read reviews of other clients on web and if possible try to find some users and contact them manually for real review and experience. Users who want some tweaks and root level changes for higher needs, if the tech team not able to co-operate you will not get the desired output from hosting.

Malware Scan & removal:

Almost every host provides automatic periodic malware scan and removal service. But in some cases, if malware not removed, you will need to remove it manually and for this, some providers take charge for manual removal where some offers this free like WPEngine and Nestify.io.

Daily Backups & one-click restore:

Daily backups are necessary that help you keep your data safe. All the web host providers offer daily backups. Some provide automatic backup and in some cases, you need it manually. automatic backup is best as we don’t need to worry about the backup and they provide one-click restore so you can roll up to the previous version anytime. In hosting backup, some web host provides offsite backup where they copy the data in offline data centers and secure your website from any attack or issue.

Free migration:

Hassle free migration from the previous host to a new one is a very important task. You need to transfer hosting without any downtime or minimum. Some host charge for migration service and some provide it just for free. Many hosting limits the number of free migration and then charge for each migration. If migration is not mentioned in hosting plans, ask the support before taking any decision as this will affect your budget and later on you can’t just change hosting for migration issue and will end up paying extra.

Site Staging:

Low traffic sites/blog can ignore this point as they don’t need this. Staging is essential for large traffic sites when sites getting huge traffic every day and can’t afford downtime for maintenance or update. Staging site is the clone of live product or website, you can get the same clone of your running site and test the theme or plugin update before making it live. This way you can identify errors if occur and it is very easy to roll-out new version live.  Not all the webhost provide site staging or will charge big fees for staging and some include it in hosting plans for free which is good for large sites.

Price: Monthly Payment, Annual payment, Renewal cost.

Don’t get impressed with the $1 a month hosting or $0.99 a domain offers as this all the marketing tactics and will cost you big when you go for renewal. Some web host provides hosting at the cheap rate when you enroll for a large duration plans like 3 years or 4 years. You can pay per month also, but this will cost you higher compared to the annual plane. So first decide what are your needs and if you are sure about the service you going to get then only buy a large plan. Monthly payment is not bad if you want to give it a try. The second thing to look at when buying hosting is the renewal charges. Some hosting providers offer cheap rate hosting, but after one year or on the time of renewal the service, ask for almost double or higher amount.

Start Negotiations:

 Once you find the best suitable plan for your hosting needs. Contact the salesperson and start negotiations. You will surely get some discount or offer from them as they don’t want to let you go.

Top 5 Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

There are too many web host firms provide so-called “managed WordPress hosting service” but not all able to deliver the high-quality service. here I listed 5 best web hosting firm for managed WordPress hosting at best prices you can use for your next blog or website and get high performance for your WordPress blog.

Liquid Web

The liquid web is focused on businesses that want sharp high-quality web hosting service with robust performance. Of course they cost high with the premium service but it worth the money.

Managed WordPress hosting LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb claims they are the best web hosting provider with some unique customer friendly features that you will not get with any other host.

First thing, they own the data centers. They host all the data on self-owned and managed infrastructure which is best for troubleshooting any technical error occurs and also reliable.

Their smallest plan starts with $119 per month that let you host a maximum of 10 sites with 100GB space and 5TB of Bandwidth. The bandwidth is more than enough for 4-5 medium size blog or websites.  You will not get locked when you run out of resources and you can extend it without shifting to next bigger plan.  You can go with bigger plans like professional or agency that starts at @289 a month and let you host up to 40 sites on 300GB of storage. In my premium hosting list, the Liquid host is on the first count as they truly value your money and provide world-class web hosting services.

Visit: LiquidWeb Official Site

Let’s move to the next web host.

WP Engine

WPEngine is dedicated managed WordPress hosting provider covering small to enterprise hosting needs. No matter if you are just started blogger or webmaster or enterprise business holder and want web hosting, WPEngine covered you. WpEngine is in business from a long time and earned a good name in hosting industry.

Managed wordpress hosting WPEngine for bloggers & business

Want to give it a try? They provide a 60-day money back guarantee in all the hosting plans excluding premium and enterprise where you can ask for a refund if not satisfied. You will get free automated migration with just a few clicks. You can install free SSL certificate to any WordPress install that will help you improve SEO.

If we talk about the plans they offer in managed WordPress hosting, it starts from $29 a month up to 249 per month in the business plan. You will get single install and 10GB storage with 25k visits per month if limited bandwidth in personal plan and you can go up to 25 installs with 30GB storage in the business plan that comes with 400k monthly visits bandwidth.

If you want more than this on resources, they offer premium and enterprise level plans that you can get by manually contact the team. In performance, they provide CDN in each plan wherein personal plan you need to pay extra $19.95/month of charge and in other plans, it is included in hosting cost. For fast load in every region, CDN is the must thing for large sites and you can ignore it when if you handling low traffic.

In my review, the service is very cost effective as they provide small size plans also that gives more choice to bloggers and webmasters as per their needs.

Visit: WPEngine | WPEngine Alternatives


SiteGround is the long run player in the web hosting market recommended by wordpress.org, Joomla, and Drupal. Low cost or we can say cheap WordPress hosting is the specialty of this host. You can start with as low as $3 per month of the cost that let you host 1 domain on 10GB storage that let you handle 10000 visits per month. here please consider talking with the sales agent before buying as some host consider the bots and web crawlers visit in page count where you will need to pay more at even low real traffic.

Read: WPEngine Vs SiteGround

Best Managed WordPress hosting SiteGround

You can extend the plans up to larger at $12 per month that let you multiple websites on 30GB storage and able to handle a maximum of 100k visits.

You will get the basic WordPress features a blogger will ever need including one-click installer, Git repo creation, WordPress staging, auto-updates and 3 level caching for super-fast page loading.

Compare to the cost, service, and features are not bad and uptime is also good to compare to other host providers on the same cost. The customer support is also reliable and knowledgeable to handle any type of technical query during installation and later on.

Visit: SiteGround | Read: SiteGround Reviews WordPress


Nestify is one of my favorite web hosts that I have personally experienced. High quality hosting at a reasonable cost with root level access and security covered features is the all we need ever. Real-time logs, PHP7, Git and Composer support, LetsEncypt SSL, Redis Cache and API access are some of the features comes with every hosting plan on Nestify.

Nestify.io Hosting Reviews for Managed WordPress Magento Drupal Woo Commerce

In short, they are the perfect package for any type of requirements including low traffic blog to huge traffic eCommerce site, they covered. Malware manual cleanup, one-click backups and more which make their service premium quality. Best thing? Their CDN network that includes 115 POPs let your site load at lightning speed from any corner of the world included free in each plan.

Starter plan is of $8 per month with 5GB SSD storage and 10000 monthly visits. The bandwidth is a bit less as per cost but it will enough for a small traffic blog. However, you can go with higher plans that give you more storage and bandwidth to handle the huge traffic. I will give Nestify.io a big thumbs up for the premium features.

Visit: Nestify | Read: Nestify Reviews


DreamHost is the low-cost great deal wrapped with very good web hosting service especially for WordPress managed hosting. They offer two different plans to choose from for WordPress hosting. Shared hosting plan that is basic WordPress web hosting the affordable one where you will get the basic features like the one-click installer, multiple site support at $8 per month.

Managed wordpress hosting provider Dreamhost

This plan comes with 97 Days money back guarantee that is very impressive.  However, for more resources, you have only one choice which is the premium DreamPress plan from Dreamhost at $17 per month of cost. This plan includes jetpack premium plugin that may cost you $99/year totally free.

There are no bandwidth limits and you can host any numbers of domains on the same hosting. As it is not shared hosting plan, you will definitely get high speed compared to any shared hosting plans.

Visit: DreamHost | Read: DreamHost Reviews

Support is also enough techy to resolve any issue countered. You can go with Dreamhost if you want some low cost managed WordPress hosting with good features.

On the basis of points mentioned in this article, I have prepared a comparison table between these service providers. I hope, it will help you to choose the best for you.

Renewal per month$100$119$29.95$19.99$16.95
Number Of Visitors5 TB Bandwidth100K100K75KN/A
Storage Space100GB SSD20GB SSD30GB SSD10GB SSD10GB SSD
Server LocationsUS Central & West, Amsterdam NLGoogle Cloud-9 AWS Cloud-8US-1, UK-1, EU-2, Asia-13US-2
Premium CDNPaidFree of CostPaidFree of CostPaid
Malware RemovalAutomaticAuto+ ManualAutomaticAuto+ ManualAutomatic
Daily Backup & RestoreIncluded
Free Site MigrationAll provide free site transfer facility except Dreamhost
Customer SupportChat+Phone+TicketChat+Phone+TicketChat+Phone+TicketChat+TicketChat+Ticket
Offer Price for New customers33% Off for 3 Months2 Months free on annual plan$11.95/month on annual purcahseTry free for 7 days$16.95 per month

These are some of the popular web hosting providers for premium WordPress hosting. If you are looking for some cheap plans you can go with Dreamhost or Siteground and if you want high quality no matter the cost, I will suggest you to the LiquidWeb. Nestify can be considered in both of the cases. It is not-high cost web hosting with really good features any website will ever need.

Make sure you talk with the sales agent regarding the features and bandwidth limits as some host charge separately for high resource use that is not mentioned in the pricing chart and you will end up paying more than the service actually cost with other hosting providers.

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