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As I always search for different managed WordPress hosting & their features and share the best hosting company’s details here. I came to know about LiquidWeb from internet only. As their package appears costlier than others however they are not. I will explain it in later in this post. So they are not the first choice for those who are looking for cheap shared hosting.

LiquidWeb has more than 32000 customers worldwide. Their servers are powering 500,000 plus websites in the 5 global data centers. These data centers are owned and managed by LiquidWeb’s 600 expert professionals. So there is no 3rd party involved between the LiquidWeb Servers and websites/customers. A perfect web host for your premium web hosting needs. Let’s dive into some features of managed WordPress hosting by LiquidWeb.

Services Offered

LiquidWeb is known for the managed VPS hosting, Cloud VPS, dedicated servers, e-commerce hosting & managed WordPress hosting solutions. It covers all type of hosting services a plan for each requirement. In this post, we will stick to managed WordPress hosting packages & features. At the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether the LiquidWeb is perfect for you.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Reviews

LiquidWeb WordPress Hosting Packages

As we are going to discuss only managed WordPress hosting here, let’s see what they packed under each hosting plans for managed WordPress hosting.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Reviews 2018

They offer four different packages for the managed WordPress customers. The basic one starts from $69 per month and allows to host only 1 website. The topmost plan is for agencies, which can accommodate 50 websites at a monthly cost of $289 per month. Therefore, they have a package for all type of customers like personal sites, freelancer, & agencies.

It is also best for the freelancers or a web designer who handles their client sites. Suppose you take an agency package, it costs $289 per month for 50 sites. The per site cost will be around $7.225 even if you load it 80% and every site will get 125GB bandwidth which is more than enough for normal size websites.


Automatic Updates

Most managed Hosting providers have built-in settings to update the WordPress core files automatically but they do not update the individual plugins. However, LiquidWeb automatically checks the compatibility of new plugin updates on a test server, if everything goes perfectly the plugins will be updated automatically on live site. In case of any technical glitch, a mail will be sent to customers for the same. This process will surely save lots of time for webmasters, as you just not need to think about plugin and WordPress updates.

Page Views

The LiquidWeb claims that they don’t have any restrictions on page views of the WordPress websites hosted on their servers. However, they have restrictions on the data transfer which is limited to 5TB. I believe this limit is huge & almost equal to the unlimited page views.

Suppose my sites page size is 2MB

Page views limit = (Data transfer limit)/(Page size)

        = (5000X1000)/2

        = 2500000

So for an average 2MB page size of site 5TB will be equal to 2.5 millions of page views. Similarly, in case 1MB average page size the page views limit further increase to 5 million.

If you check other managed WordPress hosting plan, you may have to spend $500 per month for such high page views but here just $69 is sufficient for a month.

If your usage crosses the limit of 5TB bandwidth, you can still get the service at $50/1TB of bandwidth usage. So your website does not stop operating and you can extend the limits.

Multiple site management

Their every plan (except personal) comes with iTheme’s Sync PRO plugin, which is a superb plugin for multiple site management from a single dashboard. It contains all the necessary analysis data features handy as the user will get email reporting, he/she can control the client dashboard access, monitor uptime, SEO checking, Google Analytics access & social sharing support.

LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Reviews 2018

This plugin alone costs $130 per year for 10 WordPress websites but LiquidWeb offering the same to their customers free with professional and above packages. This defiantly adds value to the hosting plans.

Image Compression

There are many online tools available to compress images for free. Most of them work fine but when one needs to compress many images on daily basis, using such free tool will be a tiresome job.

LiquidWeb has a tie-up with and you will find the compress button directly on the WordPress dashboard. Cool, right? A user can compress all images hosted on the site by a single click of the mouse. The feature is awesome and saves a lot of manual works especially when you are dealing with big size websites.

 Offsite Backup

I have shared a few posts on WordPress site migration, backup etc. I have already mentioned in the post “How to take WordPress site backup” for keeping backup outside the server.

If your service provider is keeping a daily backup on the same server where site hosted, then you can restore the same whenever needed. But if in case the whole server got crashed or data got corrupted, in the absence of site backup, restoration may not be possible.

LiquidWeb knows the scenario well and keeps the backup on different servers. So even if the whole server fails, you still have a backup at the safe place to restore the site immediately.

Therefore, a LiquidWeb customer does not need a third party plugin to keep the off-site backup.


I believe LiquidWeb is the most secure web hosting company. They offer firewall protection, anti-spam virus protection, server hardening, daily security audits, & HTTP intrusion protection at free of cost.

In addition to that, every LiquidWeb website is encrypted with SSL certificate. They not only keep the server software up to date but also the server hardware.

All of their servers are owned and managed by expert professionals so there is no mediator involved. Even if their server gets fail due to any reason, the Liquidweb team takes responsibility for replacement of server within half an hour from the detection of the failure. This is very needy when you are hosting a big e-commerce website or enterprise level web apps. Expert support team on your side will be a plus point. No matter any issue encounter, they able to resolve it fast.


They have award-winning heroic support to serve the customers. As per their official site, they reply within 59 seconds if contacted through phone or chat. If customer raised a query via email, same will be responded within 30 minutes of time. The support team is available round the clock for all 365 days in a year. They have a separately dedicated staff for WordPress related problems. Just one need to mention that your problem is related to WordPress they will transfer or depute WordPress expert for you.

Other Features

Apart from above-mentioned features, Liquidweb offers site staging which allows a user to test plugin, theme customization on the test server. Once he is done with changes, it can be pushed on live site. It reduces the chance of downtime and unexpected breakdown of WordPress CMS while updating any plugin or WordPress theme.

On the Liquidweb WordPress dashboard, you get one more feature called stencils. Stencils are the saved projects which are customized combination of WordPress core, plugins & themes. These can be used in future projects hence save a lot of precious time. You can create a basic Stencil and use that structured setup in all next WordPress installs without starting from scratch.

The users also get access to SSH, GIT, WP-CLI, so if you are a web dev it can also save the time by using these services.

PCI compliant

The PCI compliant server means the payment information like credit/debit card, online account etc transmitted, stored or processed in a secure environment. LiquidWeb’s all servers are PCI compliant and a user can securely create an e-commerce site and accept payment as per The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.


It has the customers who are reputed and renowned leader in their respective industry. Few Liquidweb customers are General Motors, ESPN sports, Toshiba, Audi, Hitachi etc. you can get some idea of services from the customer base of the company – you going to get the same.

Cons of Liquid web

The only cons I found with Liquidweb is the absence of premium CDN as most of the premium host is offering the same but they have very limited page views. Another thing is that when we move to the higher package the bandwidth remains same. In case a customer exceeds the prescribed limit he/she will be charged $50 per TB.


The features and the bandwidth LiquidWeb is offering to the WordPress users are far ahead of the competitors. As a managed WordPress host offering unlimited page views or millions of page views are a welcome step by any host. If you are looking for the high traffic WordPress hosting service or reseller or Cloud or VPS hosting, You won’t get better than the LiquidWeb. It is the most secure, reliable, & most trusted brand in web hosting. In one line, I can say ‘LiquidWeb is the king of web hosting‘.

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