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Kinsta known for cloud-based premium managed WordPress hosting services founded just 4 years ago in 2013 and turned a big name to the high-quality services and excellent support. They just made everything easy, fast and reliable with high-end cloud storages and custom user dashboard designed with simplicity in focus.

Kinsta is not a cheap hosting provider as their managed WordPress plan starts at $30 per month. it looks like they just don’t want to compromise the quality by providing cheap low-performance hosting services.

Many hosts use “managed” label but with Kinsta, it is a truly managed solution and you will get very fewer options that used daily and other things are handled by them in the background that you do not need to worry about. Therefore, it is the best combination of “managed WordPress hosting + ease of use”.

Kinsta WordPress hosting features

Basically, Kinsta is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider that uses Google’s cloud platform to run. it is different than other managed hosting providers and you will not find that fully loaded CPanel. Kinsta provides their own custom dashboard instead of CPanel which is straight to the most important controls removing unwanted confusing options that are handled by them from behind. Kinsta offers business, enterprise and custom hosting plans based on your needs.

Features of a basic plan:

  • Single WordPress site hosting
  • 3GB SSD storage
  • 20,000 visits limit
  • One time free site migration
  • SSH, Git, and WP_CLI supported
  • Premium DNS management
  • Huge number of data centers to select from
  • Free CDN
  • Inbuilt free SSL support- Let’s Encrypt
  • No restriction on CDN selection
  • Full isolated system backup with single click restore
  • White-labeled cache plug-in

Kinsta stands out with some solid features with super fast cloud hosting, free CDN and secure with security protocols, firewalls, daily backups and more.

Go-through of user dashboard and installing WordPress site

As I mentioned earlier, you will not find the traditional cPanel view when login to the dashboard. This is the custom panel of Kinsta that give you very less, needy controls and options to handle. It is a clean and clear user interface with a straightforward pattern to display the analytics data and usage metrics.

You can manage all the hosted sites and its analytics from the dashboard with billing and migration options. The Kinsta’s panel focused more on the daily task rather than throwing all the available options. You can easily manage your hosted sites, site migrations, DNS settings, and analytics. Yes, they provide inbuilt analytics feature, which is very useful and handy tool.

Let’s see the interface and steps to set up the WordPress site on Kinsta managed hosting.

Kinsta Hosting Reviews Managed WordPress dashboard details

If you have not added any site already, you can navigate to the option “site” from left sidebar where you will find a big button calling you to add your first.

Kinsta Hosting Reviews Managed WordPress dashboard add new site

Click on the add site button and you will get the below form to start the installation of WordPress. Select the server location from the given list of 13 different locations.

Next, just enter the website name. Here note that website name you enter in the field “name of this site” will show only on the admin/user dashboard to identify multiple sites. The website’s real name you can enter by other option given below.

Kinsta Hosting Reviews for Managed WordPress server locations

Select the drop down and click on the install WordPress site, this will expand the form with more fields.

Enter the site title, admin username and save the auto-generated password for WordPress login of that user.

You will find three other options at the bottom

It let you setup few things along with the WordPress installation. You can select the first one if you want installation for multisite; you can install WooCommerce and SEO plug-in Yoast SEO.

Click on add and process will be started. You can see the site name in sites section when it gets finished.

Now you can manage your installed WordPress website or add new one following the same process. Kinsta made is too simple you just need to fill up some required field and they will handle everything.

Kinsta Hosting Reviews Managed WordPress dashboard

You are all set! Now you can manage your WordPress site directly using wp-admin login. it’s that simple.

 Kinsta Hosting Performance

Reliability and performance are the two most important factors for any good WordPress host. Site speed is a very important thing that affects the site’s SEO and user experience. A quick loading website is essential for better user experience.

We migrated one blog to the Kinsta to measure the performance and it was as expected. The blog loaded within 2 seconds, which was far better than the previous host. Server response time was improved and because of CDN, it managed to give high-speed website load.

Kinsta compared to others

Kinsta off-course beat others with high performance. Below are some points that stand out Kinsta from other managed WordPress hosting providers.

Kinsta provides premium-hosting services with Google cloud platform, which is no-doubt best managed hosting service in the market. It is performance-optimized service ready to handle any traffic spike.

It keeps your data secure with regular automated backups. Compare to other hosting providers, Kinsta provides very easy to manage, custom panel to handle everything. However, this all comes at a very high cost as Kinsta’s basic plan starts at $30 a month with very limited resources. Cost is the only point where Kinsta remains behind in the competition but in my opinion, cost worth the service.

Managed hosting plans pricing details

Kinsta Hosting Reviews Managed WordPress plans

Kinsta offers three different types of plans for different need users. The hosting plan starts from basic starter package at $30 a month of cost. Other plans are PRO, business, and enterprise.

There are three business plans vary with some features like number of WordPress installs, storage and bandwidth.  Business plans start at $100 to $400 a month. For extreme needs, you get the enterprise plans that cost you up to $900 per month gives 80 WordPress installs, 1.5 million monthly visits, 120GB SSD, and 5 free migrations. It is designed for resellers and big enterprise business needs.

You will get what you spend. Other all features including CDN and backup options remain same in all the plans.

If we take a look at the bandwidth or monthly visitors allowed on each plan compare to the cost, it is not a lot and normal traffic website can easily cross 1,00,000 visits. The business plan provides this number of visits limit at the $100 per month of cost. I think the visitor limit is not enough given compare the cost they are charging.


At the end, the question is should you go with Kinsta or not? Kinsta is clearly not for every user. If you are looking for some cheap normal service webhosting with common features, you better don’t go for it. However, if you want a premium service with solid features at any cost for your web application, Kinsta is the best choice you should select.

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