The Best shared hosting of 2018 – InMotion Vs Hostgator

The very first thing that bothers me before starting a website is which hosing I should go for. As in the market, there are many reputed hosts are available with competitive pricing and features. It is difficult until you sign up for one. I have gone through the same phase, at that time I had given priority to the brand and server location due to faster loading and inherent SEO benefits.

The Hostgator was founded in 2002 by the Brent Oxley. It is the first web host which has started the Unlimited hosting services to customers. The Hostgator is now the part of Endurance International Group. I have used the Hostgator India for more than 2 years. My own experience was great, I found what the Hostgator promise to the customers, they deliver the same.

Inmotion hosting vs hostgator for wordpress

Inmotion was formed in around 17 years back in 2001. The company has its server in the US East & West US at Virginia and California. It offers business, VPS (managed & unmanaged), reseller and dedicated hosting.

Inmotion hosting vs Hostgator packages comparison

Let’s compare both the webhost’s features one by one.

Inmotion hosting vs Hostgator

FeaturesInMotion PROHostgator Business
Renewal per month$15.99$16.95
StorageUnlimited SSDUnlimited
Free Website TransferYesYes
SSLFree SSLPremium SSL
Page PerformanceYesNo
CPanel Backup & RestoreIncludedIncluded
WP-CLI & GIT accessYesNo
Spam ProtectionYesIncluded
Customer SupportChat+Phone+TicketChat+Phone+Ticket
Unique FeaturesPage performance, WP-CLI Enabled, Safe Application Rollback, Malware protectionFree Static IP Address, Premium SSL for free, Email marketing tools
Offer Price for 1-year commitment$13.99$8.95
VisitInMotion Official SiteHostgator Official Site

Cost Comparison

Both the Web host offers very cheap shared hosting plans. Hostgator’s basic plan starts at $3.95 per month cost that let you host a single domain. this can be extended to the business plan that cost $5.95 per month and let you host any number of domains with unmetered bandwidth on a shared server.

On another side, Inmotion’s basic plan let you host 2 domains that will cost you $6 per month and give you unlimited data transfer and storage with unlimited emails and 1 free domain. With their pro plans, you will get a higher level of support, unlimited everything including email, storage, and bandwidth, 4X performance compare to basic plan and marketing tools that cost you$14 per month.

If you consider the shared hosting cost, Hostgator’s Professional plan cost nearly equal to the Inmotion’s basic plan that is ~$6. Where you will get the unlimited number of domain support with Hostgator but with Inmotion, you will get only two domain hosting support at the same cost. Other features are almost same in both the shared hosting plans.


If we see the storage requirements of a site, it is very less. Say for an example WordPress core files are of 8 MB only. The media like image & videos take more memory. But both are very few in numbers for blog & websites. Video can be uploaded to Video sharing sites. So for a single website, one GB is sufficient. Here both hosts are offering unlimited storage capacity but if you check for the quality Inmotion leads the race as it is providing fast SSD storage. I have already shared the benefits of SSD hosting.


Most people started the online journey with a single website, however, many people also own multiple Website. The Inmotion allow hosting two sites on the basic package. Whereas the Hostgator Hatchling plan accommodates only one website. In rest plan, both offer unlimited domains hosting.

So if you are looking for a cost cut by hosting two small websites or blog, you should consider the Inmotion hosting as you will allow to host two websites on the same hosting plan.


The hosting provider has to pay the hefty amount to ISPs for taking bandwidth to connect their server to the Internet. Most hosting has the redundant or backup line to extend the 24X7 availability of the servers. As per official sites, both offer unlimited bandwidth which is practically impossible and that’s why fair usage monitoring condition is there & same is informed to Customer on access utilization. As per my own experience, the highest shared hosting package can accommodate 150000 to 200000 page views.

Website Speed

As both service providers are offering cheap shared hosting package, so the customers won’t get help for page performance. He/she need to optimize speed using plugins & setting up the code in .htaccess file. The Inmotion users will have an advantage due to their peering with ISPs in the US. There will be no any other caching or CDN mechanism comes with the shared hosting plans.


The users will get CPanel panel access to each account on these hosts. As scheduled backups are recommended for data safety & security purpose. So one can take manual backup with CPanel and either store it on the server or download it via FTP on local PC. With Inmotion, users will get one benefit of single-click backup of whole CPanel account. And same can be restored with the help of support team.


As I have used the HostGator and few times I needed their support. The support team was quick to respond the issues with a positive outcome. The Inmotion hosting has been rated with outstanding A+ grade by Better Business Bureau for the top customer service. The users will get 24X7 chat, phone & email support. They take users issues a challenge and always give the best to solve them out within time.

Advertising Credits

One of the biggest advantages with Hostgator, Bluehost and Inmotion hosting is the free advertising credits they provide with the shared hosting plan. Sometimes the credits are more than the value of hosting cost. Advertising is a must-have component these days due to huge competition in the online market. The Google Adwords & Bing are most trusted PPC platforms that help improve SEO, traffic, and sales. Hostgator offers free credits of $100 each on Google & Bing whereas the Inmotion provides $100 on Adword and $75 on each Bing & Yahoo networks.

Inmotion’s Unique features   <Speed, Backup, Security, 2 websites on basic plan>

The Inmotion basic Launch Package allows web owners to host 2 sites. No other host permit the same on the basic plan.

The users also get the service to take full CPanel backup. A webmaster has to take the help of support personnel to restore the backup.

The Inmotion hosting has placed network equipment on the most of the ISPs data center to provide uninterrupted connectivity to the internet users & web owners. It certainly improves the uptime and decreases the loading time of the website. So if you are searching a fast shared web host in the US or nearby countries, Inmotion is obviously best to max speed zones.

There are some security features like SPAM Safe to prevent mailing spam & malware, free SSL, regular patch updates etc.

The WordPress users also get access to WP-CLI for the quicker managements of sites hosted on their servers.

Hostgator’s unique Features      <Email marketing features, Low cost, Support>

As I have used Hostgator, their support & uptime both are really great. Technical support is always up there to solve your issue by live chat or email. They offer a huge discount as compare to Inmotion for the new customers on upfront payment of 1 or two years. And most of us usually go with one year of the package when buying hosting plan so it can be cost-cutting with Hostgator.

They also upgrade email features and the email from their hosting can be used for email marketing purpose as the user can save the email list up to certain extent depending on the subscribed plans. If your email marketing needs are less or limited and you do not want to spend much on separate email tool, you can consider this point as it will literally save you $50-$100 a year.

Managed WordPress Packages

Both this webhost offers Managed WordPress solution to the webmasters.  Let’s look which one is more efficient in this.

InMotion Hosting

It offers 6 packages in this segment the basic one starts from $6.99 per month for one website & sufficient for the 20000 visitors monthly. From the next higher plan user will get access to premium WordPress themes and plugins (SEO, Backup, Security, form) without paying any extra amount. But still, you won’t get the caching service for page performance and no CDN.

Inmotion hosting vs hostgator wordpress managed


It offers three packages for managed WordPress hosting. Currently, they are heavily discounted around 60% on yearly commitments. The feature looks ahead of what we are getting from Inmotion. The customers will get Cloud storage, CDN, caching for faster loading of WebPages, Site Backup code guard for one-click backup & restore, and spam protection. It is also proving $100 Google Adwords credits. Hostgator is a clear winner in this case.

Inmotion hosting vs Hostgator WordPress plan details


The Inmotion technical specifications are preferable due to SSD storage, MAX Speed zone, especially in the USA. So if you are expecting the main traffic from USA only, go and pick the InMotion.

Hostgator has servers in many countries, and there are chances that one will get nearest to them or their site visitors. You can try them for the round the clock support and uptime.

If you are looking for the managed WordPress service, my recommendation is the Hostgator as it is offering most of the managed features which are essential for site performance and security and save a lot of time.

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