Inmotion hosting vs Bluehost- Which one is better

Web hosting is an essential element for keeping the stuff online. It may be anything like blog, website, e-commerce website app etc. As the web host works like an engine for the online content, so it is a little bit difficult to find the most appropriate. The Inmotion Hosting & Bluehost both are reputed shared service provider in the market today. If you are just starting a project then going with anyone doesn’t make a huge difference. However, when digging deeper and go for the individual feature, the observable variation may be noticed.

Here I will compare both the hosting giant’s features one by and will see who is good at what. You can consider different feature comparison as per your hosting needs and select the best.

Package & Pricing

Let’s start with the package and pricing they offer. Both of these hosting providers offer 3 shared hosting plans for their customers. If you see the renewal Prices, the respective package cost is almost same. Just $1 margin is there. However, if we go for offer prices the Bluehost seems reasonable, but for that 3 year commitment period is a must.

Inmotion hosting vs bluehost wordpress packages


On the other hand, a new customer has to pay for 2 years to get the maximum discount from Inmotion hosting. Here is the pricing structure of Inmotion

Inmotion hosting vs bluehost wordpress plans

As renewal pricing is almost same, hence in this article I am taking it as a baseline for comparing various features between these two. At the end of the post, I will declare a winner.

Domain Supported

I have gone through so many web host these days and one thing is common everywhere that is one can host only one website on the basic shared hosting package. Similar is the case with Bluehost. Their Plus & prime package allow unlimited domains. However, Inmotion is one-step forward from the market in this feature. This host allows 2 domains on basic Launch package. Increase in the number of domain allowed will let you give the flexibility to use your resources potentially. And this way you can divide the overall hosting cost between 2 domains.

Disk Space

Both service providers are officially disclosing the unlimited web space. Actually, when we start a website or it is in initial stage we do not need much space. Even 1GB is sufficient to start a website or blog. On one of my site after posting around 70 articles with few hundred images the WordPress file size was 132MB and database size was 17MB approximately. So you can imagine the importance of web space. In short, you not going to need much storage in hosting of a normal size website even 1GB is enough.

Nowadays many web hosts are offering Google Cloud Or Amazon Cloud at very competitive rates so the web space quality matter most rather than the quantity of the space. Inmotion is offering SSD storage which is good for faster loading of a website. Whereas the Bluehost webspace type is not an SSD.

Inmotion hosting vs Bluhost

FeaturesInMotion PROBluehost Prime
Renewal per month$15.99$14.99
StorageUnlimited SSDUnlimited
Free Website TransferYesNo
Free SSLYesNo
Page PerformanceYesNo
Backup & RestoreIncludedNo
WP-CLI & GIT accessYesNo
Spam ProtectionYesIncluded
Customer SupportChat+Phone+TicketChat+Phone+Ticket
Offer Price$13.99$5.95
VisitInMotion Official SiteBluehost Official Site


The bandwidth actually refers to the monthly data transfer amount in GBs. Both are offering unlimited data transfer according to the official website of both service providers. But that doesn’t mean that you can use the basic plan for millions of visits. As per my own experience, the basic package can accommodate max 50K visitors and topmost will be good for up to 150K page views in a month. Due to variations in webpage size and the number of request to the server the above page limit may vary accordingly.

Again, you not going to need this much bandwidth in starting phase if your website or blog. so you are good to go with these limits in bandwidth.

Free Domain & Website Transfer

When someone builds an online portfolio, he needs a web address which is a domain name that comes at some yearly cost and you can renew it as per your needs. Both these service providers are offering one free domain, which will save around $10. In the case of Inmotion, the new customer either take benefit of the free domain or free website migration service. It is natural that if you are migrating your website from another host, you got your domain registered already and you will not need a new. Or in another case if you are setting up a new website, you can take the free domain as you not need to perform any migration.

Marketing Offers

Marketing is the key to increase the sales & traffic of the website. It also helps to increase the search engine rankings. Both the host are generous with this feature. Bluehost extends $200 free marketing credits for their plus & prime packages whereas the Inmotion offers $250 in all their plans. Here one point I want to mention that customer is getting more marketing credits as compare to hosting cost. so you are already getting more than the amount you invested in hosting plan in the form of marketing tools/offers.

Spam & Malware Protection

If you do not have much experience hosting websites or blogs, you may not face this issue of spam and malware infection. Your mail id can be flooded with spam emails that contain viruses that hurt your website.

To control Email spamming, Bluehost offering SpamExpert on their plus & prime packages. The spamExpert tool scans & filters every incoming email for Viruses, Phishing, Spam, botnet attacks with around 99.98 accuracies.

Similarly, Inmotion provides SpamSafe to all its users irrespective of their hosting package. The customer’s websites also scanned by automatic malware protection system. So in the case of any vulnerability of the website files, same will be notified to the web owners.


The performance of the website matters most for the visitors. An online reader or searcher won’t interested to visit slow loading websites. A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

With the shared host the web owner has to set up the website for speed with the help of WordPress plugins. The Bluehost offers only standard performance feature for all their packages.

Whereas the Inmotion is powered by the Max Speed Zones. In simple terms, Max speed zones are the network switches placed on the Internet service provider’s exchanges to provide separately dedicated bandwidth to the Inmotion hosting customers. It helps to load the page faster on any type of device.

Server Locations

Bluehost servers are located in the US, India, China, and Brazil. So if you have visitors in these countries or nearby Bluehost server will not only boost the website speed but the SEO rankings too.

The Inmotion has two data centers in the US located in Los Angeles & Washington, D.C. Apart from this; they have a peering with ISP at 35 locations in the US only and another 46 places around the world.

I have covered the most of common features between these two hosts and one can easily analyze that Inmotion has a little edge over Bluehost for all above features. But the comparison is not over yet. there is few unique service which you won’t find with Bluehost.

Inmotion Advantages

Inmotion offers full-shared hosting account backup with the single click. It is recommended to take a backup prior to making any changes to website file like WordPress core update, plugin or theme update or any design changes. If any wrong happened during the process, you can revert to any restore point stored on the server. In order to restore a backup support help is needed. One can get a free backup restore in four months and above that will be charged at $49 per restore.

If you are geeky and like the command line interface, you will love the Inmotion shared hosting. Because it is the only reputed host which has enabled WP-CLI for the shared customers.  It is really essentials when you work on multiple websites.

The next special feature is MAX Speed zones which is unique with Inmotion only. The Google install its network equipment at ISP data centers. This will help Google to perform search queries faster than others. The same type of scenario you will get with Inmotion hence hosting the site on Inmotion will boost the site speed drastically.

The new users will get 90 days unconditional money back guarantee which is nowhere in the industry for shared hosting packages.


I have gone through important features of both service providers. Now you can judge that which one is better for you and your customers. If your visitors are from the US and neighboring countries, going with Inmotion will be advantageous. As Inmotion features are better as compared to Bluehost, so I also recommend the same for the readers of my blog. Some points that appeal me to select the Inmotion is increased number of domain hosting limit, MAX speed zones, and account backup-restore facility. Bluehost will be a good choice if you want to host the website in India, China & Brazil.

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