Basic steps to create a blog and make money

The blog was started to keep a log of activity online. But now it turns to a profession. You will find many people who blog for just hobby and there are many people out in the Market earning thousands of dollars from just blogging. Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money from the internet. You can write about anything you are good at and you will earn money for posting articles on the internet. On the first read, it looks very easy and you probably started thinking of your blog. But it is not that easy and you will need a solid structure and hard work to make your blog successful and earn good amount of money.

I broke down the whole process. Here is the full guide how to start a blog and earn money from blogging, sitting at home.

Finding your Blog Niche

The very first thing is the topic or niche you will write on your blog. Niche selection is the very important step in blogging because if you selected the topic you are not aware of or you don’t have knowledge of, you will end-up posting 5-8 articles. The best advice here is to select the topic you are good at. If you are good at food or fashion select that, if you are a geeky person and good at gadget select that niche.

You can try the trick to find the best niche if you are not sure about your selected niche. Take any niche you think you are good at, take a pen and paper and start writing the post titles or content ideas you can post on your blog for that niche. If you able to add 30 titles or topics on that niche you can write, select that niche. If you don’t come up with much content means you are not that good and need to change the topic. Here thing is that if you have 30 or more different ideas/topic to write in the same niche, you will get more topics while writing first 30. Another thing in topic selection is you need to think what value you can add in existing content available on the internet, you will only be successful if you provide unique and useful content.

Keywords research

After selection of niche, you can start content creation work from keyword research. Keyword research is very important because if you write too many articles but no-one searching for that, you will not get any traffic.

Long tail keywords are the best to start. Long tail keywords are the long phrase any user search in search engines. i.e.  “Best camera smartphone”. If your blog is supposed smartphone related. You can target some long tail keywords. Instead of “smartphone”, you can write for narrowed searches like “best camera smartphone” or “best smartphone under 10000”.  It is easy to rank for long tail keywords compare to short terms and you will get a good amount of content in starting phase.

Tools for keyword research

There are many paid and free tools available for deep keyword research. KeyWordFinder is one of the best and affordable paid tools for keyword research. If you are tight on the budget and want some good keyword ideas you can use Google keyword planner. It is a free tool from Google AdWords and you can use it for your keyword research. is also a good tool to find LSI keyword phrase.

In keyword research, Google is the best source. Google’s autocompleting feature will give you many related searches performed by users and at the end of SERP page, the related searches block will also give you many long tail phrases. Select main keywords for your blog and then secondary keywords around your primary keywords and long tails to rank easily in search engines.

Blogging Platform

You will need blogging platform to host your blog on the internet. There are some very popular platforms especially for blogging like Blogger and WordPress. Both are freely available and you can set up your blog. But I will advise you to start with WordPress. Blogger platform is also good and freely available but you will not get that much control over your blog. WordPress is the best for bloggers that come with very easy to use interface and you will not need any technical knowledge to run a blog on WordPress.

Another thing is you will find thousands of themes and plugins for nearly everything. You can easily install any plugin and WordPress theme and get the desired layouts and features on your blog. I will strongly recommend WordPress as the platform.

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Choose your domain name & hosting

The second thing in the setup is you will need hosting and domain name. Domain name is the URL that will point to your blog and hosting is web space you will need to upload and host your blog.

Recommended Domain Registrar: GoDaddy

Here comes another question -what to select, free hosting or paid hosting?

There are many hosting providers that offer free hosting services. Google’s blogger platform will give you free blog hosting, you just need to connect your domain to your blogger blog. But you will not get that much of customization options and control over your blog.

Instead of that free, you can spend some bucks and manage a good hosting service and install your WordPress blog on it. There is no need to be techy to set up a blog. Search on YouTube and you will get tons of video tutorials on How to create a WordPress blog. And the best thing about hosting services as they provide a one-click installer for WordPress. You just need to provide basic information and your blog will be up within 20 minutes. Paid service is always better than free. And in this competitive market, you will easily find cheap WordPress hosting plans that may cost you hardly 10$ a month. If you are serious at blogging and really want to earn money, spend some amount for better services and resources. There are no other cost or investment after the hosting package for a year and you can renew or downgrade your plans at any time.

Find a niche related top-level domain i.e. .com or .net and setup your blog on paid web hosting.

Start posting on your blog

Setup is the one time process and then you just need to log in and start posting content. Find the best Web hosting for WordPress, go through all the options on WordPress dashboard and get your hands on different functionality to know its working.

With proper keyword research and analysis of other top-ranked articles on Google, you can craft your blog content. Some of the points while creating posts are posted length, headings, post title and media. You can use these on page parameters to rank your article on targeted keywords. Here the most important thing is the content posting. Remember, in the starting of the blog, you are the only reader of your posts. You will not get any or much traffic and new bloggers easily frustrate and stop posting on the blog. Your blog is new and it will take some time to appear in search results, so don’t expect much traffic on starting phase and post constantly. If you have the time issue with posting you can schedule the post. The search engine needs fresh content and if you fail in that, your blog will never rank.

Get targeted traffic

You need to post content targeting some set of audience, after all, your earnings totally dependent on the traffic.

>>Through Search Engines like Google, Bing using SEO

You can submit your blog to all the popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Try to rank your post for some targeted keywords on search engines. Try to manage rankings on search engines for some good amount of searched keywords. You can use keyword planner for this all research.

SEO is the best thing you can learn and implement on your blog. With search engine optimization your blog will better perform and rank on any search engine and you will get good organic traffic. Organic traffic is the best for your blog and earnings as you not need to pay anything for that so first focus on SEO and search engine rankings. If you are not willing to learn SEO stuff, you can find affordable SEO services on freelancing sites and outsource your blog SEO work.

>>Via Social Media Facebook, Twitter

Social media is another best source to get traffic on your blog. You can join different Facebook groups and pages, Google community to share your blog posts. You can find the best audience from social media with any niche. Create your blog’s social media pages and profiles and start sharing useful content and you will get the response from people.

When it comes to social media, new bloggers signup on many platforms and do not manage them actively. Instead of that, you can research your users which social media they use the most and pick two or three social media and start engaging with people on it.

>>Paid legal traffic by AdWords/ Bing Ad networks

Organic traffic is the one you get from the search engine without paying anything using SEO. There is another thing to get traffic is the paid traffic. Google AdWords, Bing ads network, and Facebook ads are some of the big players in paid traffic providers. You can invest in this type of services and get the good amount of traffic. If you are generating a good return on the investment, legally paid traffic can be better for you. Please don’t buy low-quality traffic from different sites, it will harm your blog rankings and there is also a penalty risk from search engines.  Before start paid advertisement to make sure you have a proper revenue channel to get return income from that spendings.

How to Make Money from Blogging

You can monetize your blog if it is started getting a good amount of traffic to earn money from your visitors. There are many methods and platforms available that let you earn money from your blog.


AdSense by Google is one of the best platforms for publishers to generate revalue from the blog/website. AdSense provide different types of PPC and CPM based ads on your blog and you will get paid per ad click and impressions.  AdSense is currently highest paying CPC platform and you can apply as a publisher using your blog to start earning by advertisement. There are some strict rules and conditions to get the account approved in AdSense. But if your blog is well structured and has good unique content, you will surely get approved for AdSense. somehow if your account not approved by AdSense for some niche or traffic-related terms, you can apply for other similar ads platforms like or they are the good alternatives of AdSense and you will earn good amount from their ads.

>>Third party promotion

If you don’t want to make your blog look ugly with ads, you can try third party promotion to earn with your blog. It is depended on your niche. If you are writing about health or technology you will easily find people who can pay you for their product reviews and post on your blog. There are some sites also available where you get paid to post on your blog for other’s products. This is the best way to keep your blog neat & clean and earn money. At the end, you are advertising with your content.

>>Sell your own products

If you are the manufacturer of any product or writer of any book or related content. You can sell it on your blog. You can sell your own products on your blog and earn money. Many bloggers offer paid eBooks with useful content on their niche and make gobs of money from it. If you can pinch your readers to buy a thing, this way you can sell your own products.


Affiliate is another option if your blog is not approved by AdSense or your blog is related to products like product reviews etc. let me tell you what an affiliate is if you are not aware of this term. There are many shopping sites and products website lets you earn commission per product sell from their web store. Amazon provides this type of affiliate platforms and you can earn pretty good amount from products selling. They also provide product banners and your unique links to manage your earnings. Review related blogs mostly prefer affiliate networks as the monetization. You can feature any product from the shopping sites related to your blog niche and you will get commission per sale.


Earning money from the blogging is not easy but you can make this procedure from zero to thousand dollar earning blog by following this guide.

Unique useful content and constant posting is the key to success in blogging. Use SEO and social media to increase your blog traffic and earn money with reputation from the home.

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