Starting with a new website or blog, Domain and hosting are the first things you need for your site to live on the internet. You can select your hosting provider according to your website requirements. If your site going to engage more visitors and lots of traffic, you can prefer high CPU and unlimited bandwidth plans. Or in another case like you started your new blog and searching for some cost efficient hosting you can select accordingly.

Started from 1996 Dreamhost is the big name in the web-host industry. With some catchy services like free domain, 100% uptime or refund the money and WordPress specific services Dreamhost entered the race and become popular in less time. Another main point that makes them favorite is the cheap hosting plans.

Dreamhost also provides SSD storage which will discuss letter on.

Dreamhost hosting plan and services

Dream mainly provide the VPS, shared, dedicated and cloud hosting. They are famous for their WordPress shared web host service that comes with one click installation, multiple domains and also the 97-day money back guaranty if you use the credit card for payments. For the WordPress, Dreamhost provides Premium hosting plan called DreamPress and it is probably the Best web hosting for WordPress website.

If your site getting lots of visitors and required a big amount of CPU usage and bandwidth then you can try this premium plan from Dreamhost. As per their site, it is 5 times faster than shared hosting and gives backup and security protection plus Jetpack WordPress plugin premium version for free. Cool, right?

Let’s take a quick look at their plans.

Shared Features

They provide One fit for all – kind of shared web-host plan at cost of 7.95$ a month for a  3-year plan. you will get super speed SSD hosting, one free domain, A free SSL certificate and free domain privacy protection. Unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domain hosting. With the one click WordPress installer, you can Create a WordPress blog within few minutes.

Managed WordPress Hosting-Dreampress

Dreamhost provides Best managed WordPress hosting with the premium DreamPress plan.You will get 30GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. As per Dreamhost, their managed WordPress plan can handle 2 million monthly hits. you will get unlimited email accounts and dedicated IP address for superior hosting service and it will cost $16.95 per month.


VPS Plan

Their VPN hosting plan starts from $15 per month with 1 GB RAM and 90GB SSD storage and you can extend it up to 8GB RAM and 240GB storage. All these plans come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domain support.

Dedicated Hosting

It provides dedicated server at $149 a month that includes 4 Cores, 1TB HDD and 16GB of RAM. If your needs are higher than this, you can extend your plan to 12 Cores that will cost you up to $379 per month. You will get 240GB SSD storage, 12 Cores and option in RAM of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB to select. Along with unlimited bandwidth, it comes with full root and shell access, Ubuntu Linux, Unlimited MySQL databases, one click WordPress install and DDoS protection.

Payment methods they accept: They covered almost all possible way to send payments. you can pay them by Credit Card, Check, Money Order or PayPal.

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100% uptime

 If the’s analysis is honest then according to them Dreamhost managed to deliver nearly 100% uptime. They get around 99.97% in one year of the test.

Reliable Service

Compare to other providers, DreamHost is famous for low-cost reliable hosting. But, if you see the current market, there are many hosting providers are available that give hosting services at this rate or less than this. If you are just starting your blog and want a stable hosting with low cost, dream host can be best for you and after increase the traffic and usage you can shift to bigger plan like DreamPress.

Unlimited bandwidth

If your traffic is not much you not need to think about bandwidth. But if you are receiving good traffic, then unlimited bandwidth will save you from server errors and no running out of bandwidth. Dreamhost provides unlimited bandwidth for your hosted websites.

SSD Storage

Dreamhost provides SSD web space that can improve site performance up to 200%. Yes, and you do not need to pay any charge for SSD storage. They give it to all the plans.

Free days for downtime

Another attraction from Dreamhost. They will give you a day of service for every hour their service down or interrupted.


Delay in setup

You can register yourself within minutes but the account provisioning can take some hours of time to setup your account.

No C-panel

If you are already friendly with Cpanel, you will find disappointment. Dreamhost offers their own Control panel instead of traditional c panel or Plesk. It is designed for not techy people who are new to this all hosting stuff.

No variation in the plans

Dreamhost offers limited numbers of plans for web-host. You will have less choice with Dreamhost where other competitors like GoDaddy and Bluehost provide many different plans for hosting.

Alternative of Dreamhost

If you are new to blogging or web development and searching for the cheap web host, there are many other options.

Alternative to Dreampress

Interserver’s managed WordPress plan is similar Dreamhost in most of the factors. But the cost per month is around half as Dreamhost.

You will get WordPress hosting at $8 per month of cost with the almost same technical specifications.

Nexcess is another good alternative for the same. They don’t offer unlimited bandwidth but 150 Gb/month is nearly unlimited as most of the site doesn’t need this much of bandwidth. Their shared WordPress web-host plan cost $11.95 per month but the performance and the support they provide is worth the amount.


iPage is known for very Cheap WordPress Hosting. And it is surprisingly good at this price. The uptime and support are better than other low-cost service providers. With a free domain, Quick account activation and low rates, you can give it a try.

Dreamhost alternatives for Shared hosting


I am currently using Hostgator and I am getting best service from them with good tech support.

Website uptime is 99.95%, there are different plans for shared hosting to reach your needs. Friendly support and 45 days money back guaranty can be the best option for new starters. Hostgator serving from 2002 and with excellent services they are one of the best hosting service available right now.

Hostgator plan renewal is a bit costly compared to others but if we look at the performance they provide, the cost is worth.


Bluehost is very popular for inexpensive hosting services with over 2 million sites hosted. With the low introductory price and good security options, Bluehost can be your alternate choice compare to Dreamhost. Bluehost provides a large variety of hosting plans to fit your needs and their customer service/ tech support is very good and speedy at issue resolution.

Bluehost provide Best Web hosting for WordPress and it became a favorite choice of bloggers.


Dreamhost is one good option for new starters if you are new at blogging and not a techy kind person as they provide a very easy user interface (host panel) and setup options. But if you want a reliable and high-performance web-host service to handle your huge traffic flow I will suggest you go with other higher end plan like VPS or Dreampress for WordPress.

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