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WordPress is the easiest blogging and website CMS (content management system) that exists today. There are numerous different types of hosting options available like free, shared, dedicated, VPS, and managed. But choosing from the mentioned options with respect to your requirements is a daunting task in itself. There are sufficient numbers of parameters that play a significant role in the suitability of the web hosting service. The biggest mistake people make while choosing a Webhost service is by taking up a plan they do not even require. On the other hand choosing the right hosting for your website/blog can even improve your sales and WordPress SEO. Sometimes we search for the best one available whereas a startup we just need a right web host. You need not worry; we are here to provide you with a detailed study to help you choose efficiently without harming your pocket. Consider the following parameters:

Know your Budget

The first and foremost step before choosing the best web hosting for WordPress blog is to know your budget. What will be the bandwidth requirement for the projected traffic? What is the type of your website? Is it an e-commerce shopping site? How much can you spend without hurting your pocket? Sometimes people start with shared hosting at about $3/month but later switch to some better service provider. You need to answer all these questions first and then according to your needs make a budget plan. In Self-managed service (low cost) you are responsible for managing your own server. Managed Server (high cost) is a fully managed server that would take up all the responsibilities and provide you with sufficient time for your business.

You cannot assume what your user wants as he may end up installing different content management systems all at once. This would definitely not affect the server, but yes the results would not be as optimized as possible. This brings the need for a server to be accurate for a content management system and this is how Managed WordPress hosting works. There are two types of services:

Managed WordPress Service

It is highly tuned to run WordPress, works at a faster pace, is more secure than other hosting counterparts. From hardware to software everything is optimized to run WordPress sites. One of the techniques that help a managed WordPress hosting in this is Caching as it is responsible for boosting the speed of websites. As the user environments are same the automatic scanning & updates, analysis, and can be built into the base price. Though it makes the entry level managed hosts expensive than their counterparts, they include additional management services.

Self Managed

Now that you know all the benefits of managed WordPress hosting why would you want a server without management services? Well, there are always two sides of a coin, so here I will provide you some major reasons to consider unmanaged hosting. They provide you with an installed operating system to work on and authority to make the change you want using the CPanel account. You just need to have a hand with CPanel to take complete advantage. You can install and set up a monitoring service, add malware detection tool and what not. And the best part it helps you save money.


Uptime is a measure of how efficient a service provider is at keeping the system up and running. For example, 99.80% uptime would mean that the server goes down for about 1 hour in a month that does not sound much but it would create a problem. If a company earns 1000$ a month, then a host with 98% uptime would decrease your profits by $20 per month. But the revenue of $1000 would gradually decrease if your customers think of the site as unreliable. Choose the hosting service that provides you with guaranteed uptime of 99.9 % or above.

Technical Specifications

When considering the web hosting company, one of the major steps is to check the technical specifications they provide. Check the disk space, Cpanel access, data transfer, script installer, languages they support, the number of databases provided, SSL or https support, e-mail features, job scheduling, etc. It is important to check the current version of PHP as presently 7++ is available, but many companies are still running their servers on 5++.

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Upgrade features

A shared server which supports a proper optimized WordPress blog with about 40,000 unique visitors monthly. But if you expect your website/blog to grow within a year, then you must consider choosing a host that provides you the scope of growth. Growth here means the flexibility to upgrade your web host, say, from shared hosting to virtual private or dedicated server. Some hosts do not allow you to upgrade the plan; it means the customer has to migrate the WordPress blog on same the host. So at the beginning choose the web host which provides you the room to grow- for more disk storage, processing power, memory capacity and better security features.

24X7 Supports

No matter which plans we opt for out of managed and self-managed server and much more, there might arise a last minute query, and for that, you cannot wait for their working hours to begin. So, there is a genuine requirement of 24*7 support system, which can be an email service or a telephone support system or a live chat system. You just need your queries resolved on time so while searching for the web hosting service consider the 24*7 support as an important parameter.

Renewal cost

You will be surprised to know that there are basically two different prices, one that you are going to pay initially and second is that you will pay at the time of renewal. There is a huge difference between the two. For example, if you paid $40 a year for hosting at XYZ then at the time of shocking renewal amount of $80 would be deducted from your account automatically. So, it is necessary to check both the initial price and the renewal price at the time of choosing a web hosting service.

Best Web hosting for WordPress


It is one of the largest web hosting service providers which has the servers located in Provo, Utah, Houston, Texas. It has servers in Asia too which are located in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India), Hyderabad, Karnataka, India, and Singapore. Owing to their reliable web hosting and quality customer service the company grew at a fast rate. Today, the company is headquartered in Houston and hosts more than 8 million domains. As I have been using their service for more than a year my overall experience is more than satisfactory. I highly recommend my readers who are searching for a shared hosting service for WordPress to get started with Hostgator. You would get the best services available and that too at minimum rate possible.

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Bluehost is a trusted Webhost company established in 2003 and currently owned by Endurance International Group. It hosts more than 2 million domains worldwide with the support of 750 plus committed & dedicated staff which is available round the clock. It is officially WordPress recommended Company which provides unlimited bandwidth, multiple domain supports, unmetered web space on shared hosting plans which also includes free email accounts, marketing benefits, etc. It offers cheap WordPress Hosting packages, especially for the bloggers or beginners.

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Dreamhost is an award winning company which offers the domain registration, shared as well as managed hosting, VPS, dedicated server. The company established in the year of 1997 and extending round the clock support to more than 1.5 Millions of websites. The key features of Dreamhost are Hand Rolled Control Panel, 1 click installation for WordPress, Joomla, Fast SSD storage, SSL certificates, automated malware scans, CloudFlare integration and 100% uptime. If the customer isn’t happy with their service, the renowned service provider gives them 97 days money back guarantee time which is the highest time frame in the industry.

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It started in the year of 1998 and now a favorite choice of more than 125,000 blogger, business persons, and developers. Right now there are more than 1.5 million of live websites powered by Media Temple. The advantages of Media Temple are 27X7 support via Twitter, telephonic & chat, quick WordPress installs, SSD storage, the broad range of plans that can fit from a personal blog to big corporate and much more.

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